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Pulling an all-nighter? Log in remotely for live 24/7 tutoring sessions through Rutgers' Knight Line online conferencing program. Or download a video tutorial of your Organic Chem class - starring your very own professor! - from the RU-tv web site.

Balancing Academics
Find the right balance.

College life is all about choices. What’ll it be today? Join that pick-up game? Hang with friends at the student center? Pop into the Zimmerli to check out a new exhibit? Or hit the library to cram for your history exam? Your classes are pretty tough— but it’s just as tough missing out on the fun at Rutgers.

Don’t worry. Rutgers students learn pretty quickly to balance the demands of academics with the many rewards of campus life. You will, too. Rutgers is a great university made smaller by its individual schools and learning communities, student organizations and adviser-student relationships. The Rutgers support system respects differences among learners and assists each student in reaching his or her individual goals..

Your connections to the people in the Rutgers community will help you capitalize on your academic and personal strengths—and add new ones, too.

Faculty Partnerships
A low faculty-to-student ratio of 1-to-14 means plenty of contact with professors. We’re not saying you’ll never take class in a big lecture hall . But 60% of our classes enroll 30 or fewer students. And Rutgers professors are ready to be your advisers, mentors and research partners.

Learning Communities
Like-minded students share common interests in Rutgers Learning Communities. From casual social groups to living-learning residence halls, dozens of learning communities enliven the Camden, Newark and New Brunswick campuses.

Learning Centers
There are six Rutgers Learning Centers across the Camden, Newark and New Brunswick campuses. Start a study group with classmates, meet one-on-one with an academic coach, and lots more. Each campus has centers dedicated to writing well and improving math and science skills, too.

Women’s Success and Leadership Community
Learn to lead and succeed in the student-focused, woman-centered Douglass Residential College in New Brunswick. You’ll join 2,000 other women, fully integrated within Rutgers while living on a campus dedicated to women’s empowerment.

Adult and Nontraditional Student Community
Rutgers welcomes students balancing classes with work and family. These students turn to the University College Community in New Brunswick and University College–Camden and University College–Newark.

Disability Services
Students with a physical or learning disability build on success with the support of Rutgers’ disability services. Whether you need general accommodations or a specific learning aid we can help. For more information, students should contact the Office of Disability Services for Students.