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Did You Know?

Rutgers' Byrne Family First-Year Seminars are reserved only for first-year students and are capped at no more than 20 students. You’ll be on a first name basis with your professor and develop a relationship that may last a lifetime!

Student/Professor Partnerships
Take advantage of faculty connections.

When you’re in college, you’re in charge of your own education. You can start building relationships with Rutgers professors from your first days on campus. It only takes a few bold (but simple) steps to start a student-faculty partnership. The rewards? Close mentoring, research collaborations, connections to a small community of scholars, and a deeper involvement in the full intellectual life of the university.   

So browse the course catalogs and department web sites, find the professors who share your interests, and then seek them out. Take their courses. Introduce yourself after class. Drop by during office hours. Attend the lectures they give and the symposia they organize. Rutgers professors are friendly and approachable; so if you show your interest, they’ll return it – big time.   

Class size at Rutgers allows plenty of face time with professors. True, those popular introductory courses are sometimes large, but most of the time you’ll have smaller classes.  Check out the stats on Rutgers’ classes:
  • 63% have 30 or fewer students
  • only 7% have more than 100 students
Oh, while we’re at it, can we say a good word for teaching assistants? TAs are graduate students who assist professors by leading small-group discussions or lending a helping hand in the laboratory. As young scholars, they bring passion and enthusiasm to the classroom. Best of all, your TA is a learner, just like you, and knows exactly what you’re going through.