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Our Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the first and only National Cancer Institute in the state that is designated a comprehensive cancer center, a mark of the highest distinction.

Biological/Life Sciences
Reveal life’s greatest (and smallest) secrets.

From the intricacy of a nano-particle to the enormity of the ocean, profound mystery marks the biological and life sciences. Be part of the discovery at Rutgers, where students work side-by-side with professors in labs, research centers, field stations, preserves, and working farms.  The majors in the biological and life sciences are organized into two broad spheres:

Biomedicine. Explore the intersection of biology and human health with majors like: microbiology • cell biology and neuroscience • genetics • molecular biology and biochemistry • nutritional sciences allied health technologies and more
Ecosystems. Discover biology as the engine of the living world in majors like: • animal sciences • marine sciences • plant science • nutritional sciences • biotechnology • environmental design and more  

Who’s majoring in the biological and life sciences?
  • Students aspiring to graduate study in the sciences or to professional school in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, and more.
  • Students preparing for science-intensive careers in nearly every field—business, health care, government, pharmaceuticals, research and development, and more.
  • Students pursuing certification in health-related professions

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