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Q. Where can you make money and learn television production?

A. At RU-tv, Rutgers' own student-run, 70-channel television network. Tune in!
Communication, Info Tech and Journalism
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Everybody’s got a story to tell. Whether you’re telling yours or sharing someone else’s, at Rutgers you'll be studying in the center of two of the largest media markets in the United States. Our majors for the information age embrace both traditional fields and emerging technologies and offer hands-on experience through:
  • research labs that pioneer wireless communications and human-computer interaction
  • student-run radio, television, online, and print media
  • internships that connect you with the metro New York media marketplace, as well as Philadelphia and Washington D.C.
  • the nation’s oldest continuously published college newspaper
You can choose these Rutgers majors:
  • Communication opens up an unlimited number of job titles in media, advertising, marketing, business, government, public relations, human resources, community affairs, and more. 
  • Information Technology and Informatics prepares you to connect people and organizations through IT as an analyst, developer, administrator, designer, manager, and more.
  • Journalism and Media Studies or Journalism craft the skills and knowledge of professionals in print, broadcast, and online journalism, as well as publishing and public information.