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Is engineering - and Rutgers - right for you? Find out at the New Jersey Governor's School of Engineering and Technology, a residential summer program for top high schoolers held at Rutgers.

Change the way the world works.

Imagination inspires innovation when you major in engineering at Rutgers. Smart carts that make grocery shopping a snap. Super-tough air-drop packaging for supplying teams in the field. Networked home-monitoring systems that watch over the housebound elderly. Engineering students envisioned all these inventions—then made them reality right here at Rutgers.

Test your own ideas in the engineering laboratories and advanced research centers at Rutgers’ high-tech campus. You’ll work closely in collaborative research teams while majoring in one of these engineering disciplines: • applied sciences • biomedical • bioenvironmental • chemical and biochemical • civil and environmental • electrical and computer • industrial and systems • materials science • mechanical and aerospace

Demanding? Yes, but Rutgers engineers meet the challenge through:
  • first-year support program to ease the transition from high school to college
  • dedicated living-learning residence halls for a 24/7 peer network
  • Co-op and interns positions with corporate engineering firms—for academic credit and professional connections
  • Engineering honors program opportunities for qualified applicants
Check out how the NERD Olympics (video) promotes engineering and fun!

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