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Environmental innovation comes naturally to us. After all, the first-ever academic department in environmental sciences was founded right here at Rutgers.

Environmental Studies
Explore the world— and your place in it.

Ready to unravel the world’s mysteries, from organisms to ecosystems? As the land-grant college of New Jersey, Rutgers is the natural choice. Students choosing environmental studies seek science-based solutions to problems confronting our planet and its people. They are studying climate change and human ecology; exploring the oceans, protecting endangered species and pioneering new or alternative energy systems while working in fields as diverse as government, business, media, industry, health care and non-profit organizations.

A Rutgers education in an environmental studies major is hands-on and interactive, with fieldwork, laboratory research, and community action. You’ll learn how to use science for the benefit of humans and environments in programs such as biotechnology • ecology and natural resources • environmental and business economics • environmental planning and design • marine science • meteorology • and more

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