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Q. Your major must always match your planned career - true or false?

A. False! The core attributes that employers value - initiative, leadership, and problem-solving ability - can be developed in any major. Rutgers Career Services is is here to help you along the way.
Take time to decide.

Haven’t decided on your major yet? Join the crowd! No need to rush at Rutgers. With more than 100 majors to choose from, you’re sure to discover the one that’s right for you. Rutgers doesn’t require students to declare a specific major right away. Even in our professional programs, you choose a concentration after you have an overview of all your options. 

So go ahead, explore and be curious. Take classes, attend first-year seminars, and talk to professors in all the fields that interest you. Your adviser can help you work it through, and Rutgers Career Services has tons of choosing-your-major resources, too. Even if you change your mind once (or more), relax. Your goals and passions will soon become clear.

And what if you can’t bear to choose just one major? At Rutgers, you won’t have to. Double majors, independent majors, and 100-plus minors give you so many ways to create an education that’s yours and yours alone. A double major in physics and dance with a minor in Chinese? At Rutgers, that's possible!