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Join the 1 in 3 students who leverage a Rutgers degree with an advanced degree. More than 30% of Rutgers' graduating seniors go on to graduate or professional school.

Preprofessional Studies
Edge out the competition.

Got your sights set on being a doctor, dentist, lawyer, or veterinarian? Rutgers has the right education for your bold ambition. Top graduate and professional schools don’t require made-to-order majors: they’re looking for candidates who’ve excelled in a challenging arts and sciences curriculum. You can bet Rutgers, a top-ranked research university, delivers. An added bonus is our specialized advising and support systems in these preprofessional programs:  

Premedicine and Predentistry. Pursue any major that interests you, but be sure to take the courses required for medical and dental school admission. Consider, too, an internship or research experience in health care.

Prelaw. Choose the major you love. Law schools look for intellectual vigor—the ability to think deeply, act wisely, and lead persuasively—best developed through complete engagement with your life’s passion.

Preveterinary Medicine. Forge a broad education in the arts and sciences, but consider a major in animal science or one of our other life or biological sciences for your best shot in this competitive field.

Combined Professional Degrees
Fast-track your career by taking graduate-level courses during your undergraduate studies at Rutgers. You could save a year or more in these dual-degree programs:

Learn more about preprofessional studies and combined professional degrees at these Rutgers schools: