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Did You Know?

The Protein Data Bank at Rutgers is the only repository of three-dimensional protein structures in the world? Learn more Great Things to Know About Rutgers.

Research Opportunities

Launch your own voyage of discovery.

Rutgers students are ambitious and engaged with the world around them. They step into the laboratory or the library and do fieldwork as partners in the discovery of new ideas. Whatever your interests, Rutgers has a place for your pursuits-- with more than 300 research centers and laboratories.

Why do research? Simple! Student researchers:
  • connect with Rutgers’ best faculty and nurture lifelong connections
  • improve academic performance through a deeper, applied understanding of the subject
  • develop problem solving, time management, and teamwork— real-world skills for life beyond college
  • thrive on the intellectual challenges of asking questions and finding answers
What research can you do? Anything! Just for starters, Rutgers students have:
  • piloted a robotic glider 5,770 km across the Atlantic Ocean—the longest distance ever traveled by an autonomous underwater vehicle
  • traveled to Rome to discover whether an unsigned sculpture of Medusa could be attributed to the great 17th-century artist Bernini
  • conducted research on galaxies at New Mexico’s Very Large Array— a field of 27 giant radio telescopes 
How can you get involved with research? Easy! First-year students should start by: