Feb 20 2010

Fat Tuesday? FAT WEEK!

The title of this post refers to Fat Tuesday, otherwise known as "Mardi Gras." During the celebration people traditionally eat fatty foods before the ritual fasting of Lenten ... [More]
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Nov 10 2009

Happy Birthday Rutgers!

Rutgers turned 243 today! I believe there will be free cookies and drinks in a half hour or so, but I need to get some work done. I celebrated earlier with cake and fruit... [More]
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Nov 5 2009

RU Camden Career Center

Category: Academics | Clubs and ActivitiesJennifer R. @ 22:15
Students enter college with many goals, but there is one that unifies nearly all of us: we all want a good job. [. . . ] That's where the Rutgers Career center comes in. [More]
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Oct 22 2009

A Busy Blogger on a Busy Campus

I nearly neglected to narrate a note (4 word alliteration record!) this week. I have been remarkably busy. One aspect of Rutgers Camden I love is that you can be as active on campus as you want to be [More]
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