Apr 10 2010

In College, Summer Starts in April

Category: AcademicsSystem Administrator @ 05:42
& In college, you will feel like summer starts in April. The weather gets nice, people start playing frisbee and wiffle ball during the day, and jail break at night. Some... [More]
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Apr 2 2010

Restless Raptors

    I come to you from another busy week of crazy classes, numerous clubs and events, and erratic weather. Last Saturday, I took the Riverline to meet a friend, ... [More]
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Mar 26 2010

RU Camden Experience

Category: Academics | Clubs and ActivitiesJennifer R. @ 18:38
Coming back to school from break was a rude awakening, but I think now, Friday, I finally readjusted back to school life. This post is entitled "RU Camden Experience" because ... [More]
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Mar 14 2010


Category: Academics | DiningSystem Administrator @ 19:11
I figured I should get a blog post up before I get too into this break. I am staying on campus this break. The Fitness Center is open on the weekdays and the Dining Hall is open with limited hours. This last week was really busy, and I'm enjoying catching up on my sleep. In between all of the midterms and papers, there were some great activities, and some even had food. [More]
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