Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow... But I'm Excited for the Next Chapter in My Life! :')

by Dawn B. 22. August 2011 22:57
*MULTITUDE OF TEARS HERE* It's only fitting that my last blog quote Shakespeare. Thanks for the readership, and good luck with your future endeavors! [More]
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Sup, New Rutgers Student Bloggers?!

by Dawn B. 16. August 2011 22:38
I'm excited for the new team of Rutgers Student Bloggers! [More]
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Little Dawn Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

by Dawn B. 30. July 2011 22:19
This summer has been a summer of science classes, Douglass recruitment, and trying my luck in the media world in New York City. I should also add that I called myself "Little Dawn" because I'm only 4' 11". I'm loud to make up for what I lack in height! ;) [More]
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Got Questions? We Have Answers

by Dawn B. 19. July 2011 10:41
Got questions about Rutgers? Curious about the dining hall food? Not sure what organizations to join? Need to know where to look for on-campus jobs? Ask your questions here! [More]
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Highlights of 2011: Video Edition

by Dawn B. 16. July 2011 15:10
Videos via Flip Camera from 2011. I'm 18 years young and definitely think this was the best year of my life. But I can only imagine it getting better. YAY RUTGERS! [More]
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