Sep 17 2009

A Sports Fan's Guide To Rutgers Newark

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Ok so it's your third week of school, and now the place that was once so new is starting to feel like home. You're getting used to the increased workload and the ability to cram work in at hours you never thought were imaginable.

Let's be realistic though, college isn't all work. You have to balance your studies with doing stuff other than coursework. Luckily, in Newark there are a bevy of things to do to.

Over the next few posts or so we will look at the different activities and events available for students both on and off the Rutgers Newark campus. If you're like me, a big sports fan who likes to attend games live, then you are in luck because Rutgers newark is located near some of the best sports attractions around.

First off, there are a ton of Rutgers Scarlet Raider games that are available to students to attend and watch. Check out the Scarlet Raiders Athletics page for more information.

Tickets to the well-known Rutgers Scarlet Knights football games are also made available to Rutgers Newark students at a modest fee.

Also, the brand new state-of-the-art Prudential Center is located within walking distance of the main campus at 165 Mulberry Street.

The Prudential Center houses the New Jersey Devils hockey team, who happen to be one of the highest ranked teams in the NHL. The Devils are also arugably New Jersey's best and most sucessful competitive sports team. The arena also serves as the home for the New Jersey Ironmen, who are a realtively new indoor soccer team. Lastly, for those wrestling fans out there, come on don't be ashamed, there will be a major WWE wrestling event held at the arena in October.

For fans of baseball, Newark has its very own professional baseball team called the Newark Bears. The Bears play directly across the street from the Rutgers Business School at beautiful Riverfront Stadium. The Bears are an independent baseball team and play in the Atlantic League.Their roster is comprised of former college and ex-MLB players. Even Hall-of-Famer, Rickey Henderson once played for the Bears. While the Bears may not be affiliated with Major League Baseball, they offer the ability to watch a pro baseball game at a very affordable price.

For students seeking to see the New York sports teams, including the Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers and Islanders, the NJ Transit Light Rail stops at Rutgers and can be taken to Penn Station. From there, students can get into the city.

Clearly, Rutgers Newark is at the center of the New York sports scene. Be sure to check out my next post for information on activities relating to the fine arts within the Newark community.

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leed United States says:

Great post, Phil.  and good work telegraphing the series you're going to do.

Hockey United States says:

I love the NJ Devils, they are my favorite team in the NHL.  Cool insight into the Newark area.  

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Great post, Phil.

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