Mar 27 2010

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HEY readers and bloggers, I jUst got back from "AN AmerIcan Rendition", a show by the Jane Comfort Dance Company at Raritan VallEy Community College. It was a Really intereStIng performance. HonesTlY, I was a bit tiREd and thought I was going to sLeep during the whole thing, but it wAs impossible. Speaking of dance, TonIght Verse|ONe will be revealing our BRAND NEW Set at Anything But Clothes (ABC), tonight at the Busch Student Center's MPR. 7 - 10PM!

On Friday, I went with my friend Derek to Matawan. He's doing the FR3SH Intensive, meaning that he will be performing at the MAIN EVENT DANCE COMPETITION on April 10th! Here is a picture of his class (the banner in the back is the one from America's Best Dance Crew!):

I don't really have much to talk about for this I'm going to be leaving a some VIDEOS! YAY. But honestly, I don't feel much like writing today...unfortunately, some people haven't been appreciating who I am as a blogger lately. The reason this site gets the hits it does in the first place is because we all have our specific styles of blogging which appeal to many different people. I'm not saying everyone should endorse every little thing that everyone posts...but if someone doesn't like what I present, there are 6 other great bloggers working hard and contributing to this site, along with an amazing boss named Lee, who don't deserved to be punished with your narrow-minded thought process.

Still too much?

^ Phyllis falling asleep in Chem. Lol.

^ My friend Elyse practicing for a performance with Queen's Chorale. Dope group, so ladies PLEASE...if you have lungs, bring 'em out bring 'em out!

^ Alex, aka B-Boy Harry Potter, doing what he does best...except for the end haha.

v Here is the Main Event Flyer! Try NOT to miss this! v

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lee United States says:

Hey David,

Loved these videos: I could show 'em to my kids, even.  I shall treasure the one of Phyllis  I so remember the times  tried, tried to stay awake in a 90 minute, very dry lecture and just barely did. Tell Elyse my son (2 1/2) had to watch and listen to her 6 times in a row

phylee United States says:

I am never bringing you to lecture again!

wtomasko United States says:

I LOVED the Phyllis video. It made my night!!

paul United States says:

Hey, the bold letters spell Hey University Relations! lol

djalexis United States says:


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