Apr 6 2011

The complete factual account of the SNOOKI debacle

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Day after day, I have been hearing about the nation's response to the "Snooki issue". I was appalled at the sheer ignorance that was traveling throughout the media.  

There are some FACTS that need to be stated about the whole situation in order to form a JUST opinion.

This is an attempt to inform you of the Truth in hope that you will spread this TRUTH to the public. By doing this you will not only fully understand what it going on, but you will be clearing the air, and as a result improving the reputation of both Rutgers and Douglass alike.


Fact 1: Money is not a factor.

Yes, Snooki WAS paid $32,000 dollars to come to Rutgers, and Toni Morrison was paid $30,000.

Snooki was paid to come ENTERTAIN. Entertainers ALWAYS earn more than novelist, or activists. The number above is her asking price(side note: Spike Lee’s Asking price is between $30,00 and $50,000). The reason she was brought to Rutgers was due to her unbelievably high demand. RUPA, polled students (as they usually do for booking celebrities) and the majority asked for Snooki. Because RUPA’s main objective is to give the school what they want, they delivered. If there is anyone to be upset with it is RUPA.  Nonetheless, Snooki’s popularity was cemented in her ticket sales. The wristbands for two showings, sold out in 2 hours. If no one wanted her here that would not have been the case.

Toni Morrison, an AMAZING author/Nobel peace prize winner used to teach at Rutgers(cool right?). As a result of this, when Rutgers asked her to speak at graduation, she considered it an HONOR to come. Because of this, she HALVED her asking price ($60,000). It was her kindness that allowed us to book her at a price that would be kind to our wallets.  This reduction in price, allowed RUPA to not only lower the price of the Rutgersfest 2011 t-shirts, but also added funds to the Rutgersfest 2012 pool. (This means less comes from OUR pockets)THANK YOU TONI

Fact 2: Snooki is a celebrity, what did you expect?

Yes, Snooki got on stage and sat and answered questions and “poofed” a girl’s hair and watched people dance.

Yes, that’s what we paid her to do.

Again, RUPA, only delivered what they believed that the students wanted. If there is anyone to send an angry letter to, it’s their student polling system.(remember, you can’t make EVERYONE happy)

I doubt anyone is going to better (or worsen) themselves from hearing what she had to say. Nor does it worsen the reputation of Douglass, b/c we do not affiliate ourselves with her. If anything, we should be informing people about the accomplishments of Toni Morrison. BUT ARE WE? NO.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this response. By choosing to INFORM yourself, you are ENRICHING yourself.

I wrote it to INFORM.  The media is doing an excellent job at ignoring the FACTS and as a Douglass woman I could not let that go unchallenged.

I have talked to NUMEROUS RUPA members as WELL as read articles in which Toni Morrison comments on the issue. 



I love how Snooki was Front page news all over the nation, but the fact that Rutgers raised $380,000+ dollars for CHILDREN ,during Dance Marathon this past weekend, has YET to have been mentioned…..


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DJC United States says:

Excellent post - it's amazing how quickly the media paints a negative picture of Rutgers while ignoring all of the good the university does.

Frank Ramirez United States says:

It still reflects on the de-evolution of the individual student mind, the fact that the student body demanded her, speaks volumes of the level of class your institution values. There is no level of compromise in my opinion to warrant the continued fascination of this person with such a price tag, while many in our country struggle to feed our children during this current recession. You'd think the smart kids would have better values, but then Again just look at Yale.

Rey Malavoi United States says:

Really people, paying "The Snooki" $32000 does not seem to be offensive to you.  You don't understand why people are ridiculing the university.
Don't your people at RUPA know how to do a cost benefit analysis?

We want a lot of things in life and I am pretty sure we don't get all of them.  I may want to have coffee but if I have to pay $32000 for a cup of coffee, I am pretty sure I am going to say no thanks.  How can you people try to justify paying "The Snooki" $32000, are you kidding me.  Because the students asked for "The Snooki", because her price range  is much higher than what you paid, what about she does not deserve $32000 of students' money.

You better get rid of the people involved in paying "The Snooki" all that money, or you are going to feel it where it hurts.  This is what happens when people are spending money that does not belong to them, they don't think how they are spending it.  Fire or demote them and put that story to rest.

lee United States says:


Thank you for your comments.  The decision to "book" this act was a student decision. Rutgers, like so many leading universities around the country and around the world, empowers students to gain experience in entertainment event planning, with all that entails and regardless of whether or not administrators would make the same choice.

Rutgers students participate in the world-- groundbreaking research, serious study, real world problem-solving and, yes, popular culture. Any discomfiort one may feel about popular culture might most productively be directed at its producers, not its consumers.

In that light, please be mindful this is a student blog-- by and for students. I don't ask any student writer to speak for the university or other students.  I would ask you to refrain from using this forum as thought it were a voice of the university.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Ann Dmochowski
Senior Admissions Counselor

Hip-Hop United States says:

sorry... but i disagree with you. Snooki doesn't even have a degree. What could she possibly take to college students about??????

Read this short article and see how some of my friends on facebook, who went to Rutgers bashed Snooki.


One is quoted saying, "they just lower the quality of my degree.”  lol

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