Nov 9 2011

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Bonjour à tous :)

So I just tried uploading a video as my entry but that's not working for some reason  (or maybe I'm not doing this right) so I'm writing this out now.  

I'm not going to lie.. this is my first post. and yes it's a good week into November. But can you blame me? It's not my fault. It's Rutgers'.  I'm off having such a good time with all the new friends I've made and piles of homework that time to reflect on myself rarely occurs to me. I've got two major papers due soon, and a final project for my FIGS class along with regular homework sprinkled in here and there... plus clubs..... (Icandoit.Icandoit.Icandoit.) Ever since I moved in back in September, I've been having the time of my life. I can't believe it's already time to pick courses for the spring semester. And I thought high school went by fast. Freshman year's going by way TOO fast. :(

I'm back in my room now after a birthday party downstairs in our dorm lounge :) I love the people in my house (In the Quads at Livingston, each complex is divided into several "houses" just in case you're confusing it with an actual house).  I'm in the Business Discovery House and it's honestly the best decision I've made at Rutgers. We get specialized classes just for us, like our own microeconomics class which is normally a lecture with 200/300 people, ours is a cute class of 40. :) And the Discovery House people have been so on top of things, designing programs for us and updating us on every important event. One of them even told us about an internship opportunity (note: we're all freshman) and I was one of the lucky people to have become an intern.  I can't even name all the benefits off the top of my head. If you have any further questions, hit me up! But ciao for now 

bises <3

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Lee Ann Dmochowski United States says:

I would have loved video, Alice!  and it's very good to hear from you.  Email me about the video; if it's more than 50 mb, it won;t upload, but otherwise it should, so hmmmm....

Tiffany United States says:

This is an awesome post. You just made me so excited to dorm and to even go to this school, lol. What clubs are you in? How does homework turn out for you when you are so involved?

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