May 4 2012

Field Trip!

Last Sunday the Equine Science club invited the mounted patrol on a field trip to (what else?) ride horses!  We went out with an outfit called the Double D ranch, and I have to say, I was very impressed.  Usually when you go out on a trail ride with rented horses you get a bunch of third rate lame horses that shuffle along as if nearing death.  Not so here, these guys were fun and fresh and ready to run, but obedient enough that you didn't need to touch their mouths to make them stop, just sit in and "whoa" was good enough.  Thanks to Becky for making the whole thing happen, and the Equine Science club for inviting the Mounties along!


We rode along a tributary to the Delaware River, the wildlife is amazing!  There were so many turtles sunbathing on logs they had to piggy back one another to all fit (sorry, no pics, my horse was NOT in a picture taking mood at that point), turkey vultures flying overhead, egrets fishing in the river.  We stopped to let the horses take a drink and some of them waded into the water up to our stirrups.


After a nice little canter home we got to see something one rarely does.  A family had trailered in their horses, what a range!  They had a pony so small it could be called a miniature, a draft horse, and a palomino Arab cross.  Interesting sight to see them riding away...


You don't have to know how to ride to enjoy one of these trips yourself.  Double D trailers in horses every weekend and caters to the new or beginner rider.  Their guides are careful and nice, the equipment is in excellent condition, and safety is paramount in their operation.  You can contact them at 908-459-9044.  Go alone or bring a group of friends.  They go out once in the morning and once in the afternoon, treat yourself to an end of semester ride, you'll love it!


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Bob Down United Kingdom says:

Seems like it has been a fun field trip. The ones we usually went to were boring museum visits... Van

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