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Where will Rutgers take you?


Allison Norton
Graduation Year: 2011
Major: Journalism and Media Studies
Television News Reporter at CBS News

I am a television news reporter for the CBS affiliate in Rochester, NY. I file reports every day for TV about anything and everything. I cover criminal trials, breaking news, crime, weather-related stories, in-depth investigative pieces, etc.

I credit Rutgers for who I am as a journalist. Rutgers taught me how to be quick on my feet, how to be a better writer and what the world of TV news was going to be all about. Rutgers taught me so much both socially and professionally. I learned how to live on my own, manage my money and time and frankly, be an adult. I also learned how to network (key aspect of my job!), the basics of journalism, how to conduct myself in interviews and how to be an overall well-rounded, honest and ethical journalist.

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Rajvi Vora
Graduation Year: 2012
Major: Biology
Pursuing Occupational Therapy Degree at Salus University

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Occupational Therapy at Salus University in Pennsylvania.

The people I met at Rutgers University-Camden were really committed to making my college experience all that I imagined it to be. It was easy to get involved, and everyone was so friendly and encouraging that I was able to have experiences outside my comfort zone while feeling supported.

Rutgers taught me that there are many people and opportunities available to help you find the right path that you want to take for your future, you just have to be proactive and branch out.

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Erin Medley
Graduation Year: 2004
Major: Communication
Director of Digital Operations at NJ Advance Media

I am the Director of Digital Operations for NJ Advance Media, which provides content for NJ.com, The Star-Ledger, and other affiliate newspapers throughout the state. I manage a team of website producers and community engagement specialists, and have direct responsibility for developing and implementing best practices for engagement, search engine optimization, social media and digital reporting techniques.

I really became the woman I am today because of Rutgers. Rutgers taught me that even in a school with thousands of students, I could always be an important part of the community. From student government to Residence Life to the Daily Targum, there was always a place I could offer up my skills and talents to the community at-large.

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Yafes Barkat
Graduation Year: 2012
Major: Economics
Middle Office Associate at Citibank

I am currently working on the equity derivatives trading floor at Citibank as a Middle Office Associate. From front end trade processing, learning the various products, and dealing with various types of people (legal, compliance, traders, clients, settlements) the name “Middle Office” is the perfect description of the role. The role sits in the middle of the whole trading function and requires me to be heavily involved in all parts of the business.

At Rutgers, I loved the open lectures and the encouragement for students to engage with the teachers. I credit a lot of my learning to the times when I would openly ask all of my questions to my teachers during class hours/after hours.

Being part of such a diverse community, Rutgers has taught me valuable skills in engaging with all sorts of personalities. In my current role as a Middle Office Associate at Citibank, I am required to handle a lot of egos and personalities and feel that Rutgers has taught me how to manage that.

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Qi (Cathy) Guo
Graduation Year: 2013
Major: Communication and Economics
Associate Economist at Stone & Kanto, LLC

At Stone & McCarthy Research Associates (SMRA), I provide statistical and analytical research support for U.S. fixed income securities and global economic indicators. I compose weekly reports on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy programs and author macroeconomic articles on U.S. Treasury securities, international trade, and current account balance. My favorite thing about Rutgers is the diversity. This includes vast varieties of course offerings, research opportunities, and academic programs, as well as the diversity of the student body.

I started college as an undeclared major, but I explored a variety of curricula that Rutgers offered while researching the fields of interest that intrigued me. Starting from sophomore year, I decided to major in both communication and economics due to my strong interest in public diplomacy and global political economy. Meanwhile, I conducted a research project regarding Chinese classical literature through the Aresty Research Center's RA Program. The whole range of school resources has prepared me to achieve academic excellence.

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