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Times Higher Education (U.K.) World University Rankings:
# 15 in the world and # 9 among U.S. universities for arts and humanities.

HS Juniors
Make a perfect match.

Your college search is starting to get serious. A few schools have been scratched off your list, and others have moved up a spot or two.  They're all colleges that offer the right major, an inspiring faculty, or a great internship program or study abroad experience. The ideal school must be out there—how will you know if it’s Rutgers?

First be sure you’re a good fit for Rutgers. Compare your academic record with our admissions profile and entrance requirements. Remember, too, that Rutgers considers other factors as part of an holistic review.

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To be sure Rutgers is a good fit for you, plan a campus visit. Spend some time here. Walk the campus and talk with students and counselors. See where you’ll eat, work out, and socialize. Learn about labs and institutes where you can research cancer drugs, software applications, green technologies, or anything else that interests you. Then you’ll know if you feel at home at Rutgers.