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Pop Quiz

Q.Which Rutgers students get to keep a dog in their rooms?

A.Members of Rutgers’ Seeing Eye Puppy-Raising Club. These specially selected students, who are training puppies to become service dogs, live with their furry friends.
Make yourself at home.

Living away from home for the first time—you bet it’s a big deal. Your first year at Rutgers, you’ll most likely live in a dorm. You’ll be surrounded by others who are new to Rutgers, just like you! These are the people who will share your triumphs (and your trepidations) and likely become your lifelong friends.

There are dozens of residences across the Rutgers University system. All are conveniently located and come with high-speed Internet access. If you’re a first-year student who is already focused on a special interest, you can choose to live with upper-class students in sections dedicated to the arts, languages, social justice, and more. Your housing options multiply as an upper-class student.

Here are a few to explore:

Discovery Houses, on the Livingston Campus in New Brunswick, brings together first-year students sharing common career goals and core curricula in the areas of business, psychology, health and medicine, and law and leadership.

University Center Apartments, a high-rise apartment building for juniors and seniors, has ground-level shops, a fitness center, and a prime location on New Brunswick’s bustling Easton Avenue commercial district.   

Woodward Hall, a suite-style residence hall on the Newark Campus, eases new students’ transition to Rutgers—academically and socially—through the First Year Focus program.

Douglass Residential College brings together Douglass alumnae and current students in a social environment full of scholars and a support system that empowers women to become leaders by enhancing personal and academic growth.

The Towers at Rutgers University–Camden offers students the traditional first-year experience; and for continuing students there are also campus apartments— suite-style living, resident parking, and daily social events. Learn more.