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Take a look at Rutgers.

Our top-ranked university has expert faculty and extensive academic programs—more than 100 majors!—for success in any career field. There’s a good chance that Rutgers meets your top academic must-haves.

Is Rutgers right for you? This website will give you a feel for the many kinds of students who thrive here.  Rutgers students are ambitious and adventurous, eager for new experiences and comfortable seeking out new relationships— with professors, staff members, and fellow students. There’s lots—and we mean lots!—going on at Rutgers. Follow us on these social media sites to learn more:
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Since you’ve started searching early, you’ve got plenty of time to explore. Check out when Rutgers might be on the road at your school. Rutgers’ dedicated counselors can answer your questions about the admissions process, financial aid, entrance requirements, and more. And if Rutgers feels right, that supportive environment continues on campus. We invite you to schedule a campus visit.