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Did You Know?

More than two-thirds
of entering first-year students at Rutgers are
immigrants or the children or grandchildren
of U.S. immigrants.

Rutgers Housing & Dining
Options to Meet Your Needs and Lifestyle

Rutgers University has a wide range of housing options for incoming students. From traditional residence halls to apartments and women-only housing to small, special-interest communities, you will find accommodation to match your lifestyle. Visit Rutgers Housing for more information and log into the Enrollment Pathway to complete the Rutgers housing and dining application (available to admitted students only).

Rutgers dining halls satisfy the tastes and meet the dietary needs of all students. Kosher, halal and vegetarian meals are available. Whether you choose to eat in the cafeteria-style dining halls, get take-away at a restaurant in one of our campus centers, feast at a nearby restaurant or cook your own food in the well-equipped kitchen of an on-campus apartment, we are sure that your needs will be fulfilled. Log into the Enrollment Pathway to complete the housing and dining application.