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Connect with other parents - and your child's life at Rutgers - through the Rutgers Parents Association. Parents of prospective and current students benefit from many membership benefits, including the services of friendly staff members who can answer your questions about Rutgers.


Rely on Rutgers.

To help you and your family with the college search, we’ve developed a range of parent resources:

Review the parents' newsletter archive, too. You'll get tips on securing academic scholarships and financial aid, choosing the right academic program, and lots more.

Of course you also can follow us on these social media sites to learn more about Rutgers:

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Watch Recent Rutgers Graduates Thank Their Parents and Others


You will find consumer information about Rutgers here. The New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act requires each New Jersey four-year public college and university to display on its website comprehensive information on the cost of attendance, the graduation rates of admitted students, and the faculty of the institution.