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You’re not alone: Nearly three-quarters of future college parents responding to a recent survey expected to communicate with their collegian two to three times each week. Cell phones and email make it easier to maintain the parent-child connection at college.

Get ready for big changes.

Heading off to college is a big deal—for parents as well as teens. A child at college means a new crop of concerns for parents: Will my child be safe? Will she do well academically? Will he be able to balance new freedoms with new responsibilities? Rest assured that Rutgers will be your partner in easing your teen’s transition to college with a strong student-support network:
  • Residence Life features trained live-in residence assistants and special programs for first-year students.
  • Student Life reaches out to freshmen through New Student Orientation and other special programs.
  • Rutgers Learning Communities connect first-year students with others who hold similar values, interests, and career goals.
  • Rutgers Learning Centers offer full academic services to support first-year students in their adjustment to college-level study.
  • Campus Safety operates its own police force and a 24/7 security network, including a sophisticated emergency notification system.

So help us take care of your child. Be familiar with all the resources Rutgers offers. That way, when you get the inevitable phone call or text message from your first-year collegian, you’ll know exactly what to do to help. Just as you always have.