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Pop Quiz

Q. Who said, "I'd die for dear old Rutgers"?

A. Rutgers football great Frank "Pop" Grant did, as he was being carried off the field with a broken leg. His declaration was later immortalized in the classic play High Button Shoes, which is set in New Brunswick.
Clubs and Activities
Get involved at Rutgers.

The best way to fit into college is to get involved. Rutgers is made smaller by its many communities—and closer by its shared activities. Find out more about Student Life on each of the Rutgers campuses:


Rutgers-New Brunswick: Get Involved
Rutgers-Newark: Campus Life
Rutgers-Camden: Working Together

You'll want to leave the comfort of your room and get down to the student center, the computer lab, the food court, the study lounge, or the art museum. Join a student club or an intramural team. Sign up for a fitness class or a charity walk or audition for a play. Follow your interests—whether in arts, sports, community service, or anything else—and you’ll find your place at Rutgers.


And while you’re building your own special niche, you can still feel part of the larger Rutgers community by participating in activities such as these.

Homecoming Weekend. The whole Rutgers family attends this fun-filled fall weekend, including a pep rally, alumni parade, tailgate party, and—of course—a Scarlet Knights football game.
First Year Focus. Rutgers-Newark residence hall students participate in social mixers faculty-staff socials and a variety of event to promote the academic social and emotional wellness of Rutgers students.
Rutgers Day. The Rutgers family invites the state and the world to a spring festival—featuring more than 300 free performances, tours, exhibits, lectures, hands-on activities, and more— that showcases the best of Rutgers.
Dance Marathon. Hundreds of Rutgers-New Brunswick students spend 32 straight hours on the dance floor to raise money—and hope—for kids with cancer. It’s the largest student-run philanthropic event in New Jersey.
Noontime Concert Series. The Rutgers-Camden community enjoys free concerts on campus.
Road trips. New York, Philadelphia, and DC are minutes to just hours away. Scheduled journeys and and impromptu junkets are possibilities at Rutgers.