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Q. What two collegiate sports first debuted at Rutgers?

A. The first intercollegiate games of football (1869) and ultimate Frisbee (1972) were played at Rutgers—both times against Princeton.
Athletics and Recreation
Get in the game.

At Rutgers, you can do more than snag free student tickets to watch others play. Participate in our extensive recreation program that spans the gamut of team sports, outdoor recreation and fun events like a "rock, paper scissors" tournament.

Intramural Sports can include • wallyball • bowling • basketball • soccer • softball • roller hockey • ultimate Frisbee • and more

Club Sports  include • cricket • crew • rugby • skiing • ballroom dancing • ice hockey • cycling • equestrian events • fencing • lacrosse • wrestling • sailing • and more

Fitness  Modern, fully equipped fitness centers on each campus—including seven in New Brunswick alone— make it easy to get in shape and keep off the “Freshman 15” • 100+ aerobic and movement classes each season • certified trainers and instructors • personal training sessions • motivational activities • special events • fitness assessments • metabolic testing • massages • workout workshops • and more

Aquatics  Everybody in the pool! Competitive swimmers and afternoon splashers alike dive into Rutgers’ extensive aquatic sports program that includes: • several pools, including an Olympic sized pool, an L-shaped pool, a pool with a moveable floor, and an outdoor pool with lounge chairs and sand volleyball court • springboard diving • water fitness classes • scuba training • inner-tube water polo • and more

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