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Create Your Info Packet


You’ll never be short of campus cash with Knight Express. You can use your Rutgers debit card to pay for food, books, laundry and more. Many local vendors—from shops to restaurants—take it, too.

RU Traditions
Fit right in.

Generations of students have made themselves at home at Rutgers— and you will, too.

Within days, you’ll know the best places to use WiFi and the tastiest treat to snag from a food court. You’ll learn secret shortcuts, hidden paths and time-honored traditions. And you’ll be speaking like a real Rutgers student:

MidKnight Madness. Launch the new season for the men’s basketball team and lift the roof off The Barn at this annual pep rally-turned-party.

Easton Ave. You can banish those cappuccino cravings and midnight munchies on Easton Avenue, a classic college strip offering pizza, falafel, burritos, sushi, “fat sandwiches”, bubble tea, ice cream, and more.

Passion Puddle. You really meant to study, we know—but naps and chats are hard to resist when you spread a blanket at picturesque Passion Puddle.

Paul Robeson Campus Center. Thecommunity center for Rutgers University-Newark, the Paul Robeson Campus Center is a place where life-long relationships are forged, developed, fostered and enhanced.

Gateway Project. The Gateway Project represents a dazzling new entrance to Rutgers University-Camden and has transformed a portion of Fourth Street into a green park accentuated by an ambitious installation of public artwork.