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TV chef and restaurateur Mario Batali ’82 first fired up the grill on Easton Avenue. As a Rutgers student double-majoring in Spanish and economics, he cooked at Stuff Yer Face, a favorite hangout for generations of Rutgers students.

Tempt your taste buds.

Students do not live on meal plans alone! Rutgers Dining Services (New Brunswick and Camden) and Rutgers-Newark Dining provide so many options.  And in our busy college towns, any food you fancy is a fast stroll from campus—or a quick phone call from your dorm room.

On-Campus Eats. Our dining halls serve as a centralized hub of activity while serving nutritious and delicious food.Of course, heading for the student centers—where the food courts serve up selections from local vendors as well as big-name national chains—is a no-brainer. Feeling more adventurous? Try Stonsby Commons on the Newark campus and on the New Brunswick campus, try the café in the Zimmerli Art Museum or make a reservation at The Rutgers Club (“Hey, isn’t that the Rutgers president?”).

The Grease Trucks. Celebrated in the pages of Sports Illustrated and USA Today, the grease trucks in New Brunswick are a Rutgers legend. Friendly vendors in these restaurants-on-wheels serve up bagels, gyros, energy drinks, and their famous “fat sandwiches” to class-hopping students on College Avenue.

Easton Ave. College cuisine at its finest, just one street over from College Ave: Dollar burgers and endless wings. Bubble tea and chai latte. Gourmet chocolates and blend-in ice cream. A slice, a taco, an egg-and-cheese, a boli, a burrito. Potachos? You have to eat’ em to believe ’em.

Downtown New Brunswick. From old-fashioned lunch counters to trendy bistros and five-star gourmet restaurants, the Hub City is a foodie’s dream. Dozens of restaurants serve Ethiopian, Caribbean, Southern soul, Vietnamese, Cajun, American nouveau, vegan, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, and other world cuisines. Yep, pizza and burgers are on the menu, too.