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Did You Know?

Rutgers Emergency Services responds 24/7 to on-campus emergencies, delivering medical, fire, crisis, and other services. Many of these first responders are Rutgers students, employed as emergency service officers (ESOs) and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Health Services
Taking care is what we do.

Body, mind and soul, we’ll take good care of you at Rutgers. Our student health care system— Rutgers Health Services — incorporates medical care and mental health care. Additional Rutgers support networks can help you adjust to the stresses and demands of college life, from managing new responsibilities to adapting to changed relationships with parents and old friends.

Medical Care
Rutgers’ on-campus health centers and pharmacies are staffed by board-certified physicians, skilled clinical staff, and health educators. Students rely on Rutgers for: primary care • immunizations  • allergy care • laboratory tests • sexual education • sports medicine • consultations • and more

Mental Health Care
Rutgers’ on-campus mental health care centers offer confidential services, including counseling, psychological care, and psychiatric care. Students rely on Rutgers for individual, group and peer counseling for help with adjustment issues • depression • mental health emergencies • recovery from alcohol and drug dependencies • identity issues • relationship matters • eating disorders • stress management • anxiety • mood problems • coping skills • sleep problems • and more

Additional Support Networks
College often means big changes and major adjustments in many facets of life. Rutgers has created support networks for students, including: Learning Resource Centers for tutoring and academic assistance • Residence Life for residential life assistance • Career Services for internship and career assistance • Disability Services for students with physical challenges and learning differences •  and more