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Got a question? Call 732-445-INFO (4634). The friendly, knowledgeable students who staff RU-Info know almost everything there is to know about Rutgers. And if they don’t, they’ll find out and call you back.

Live where you learn.

You can’t beat living on campus for a complete college experience. Residence life at Rutgers helps you grow as a person—and as a member of a wider community. The move from home life to "dorm life" can be huge, and Rutgers eases the transition with orientation programs and first-year student programs designed just for you. Making friends—and "learning the ropes" at Rutgers — can be a breeze when all your neighbors are newbies, too. As a first-year student, you have a choice of traditional reisdence halls or living-learning communities.

After your first year at Rutgers, your housing options are wide open. There are dozens across Rutgers’ three regional campuses. Traditional residence halls are still a great choice, but consider these as well:
  • special interest sections
  • cooperative living houses
  • on-campus suites and apartments
  • off-campus housing

Dorm Room Checklist
Move-in day made easy: pack small boxes, bring your own hand truck, keep the crew small, and be prepared to wait for parking spots and the elevator.

What to bring:
twin extra-long sheets and all bedding • pillows • robe • shower shoes • toiletries and tote • weather-appropriate clothing and outerwear • hair dryer • razor • umbrella • clothes hangers • laundry bag and detergent • over-the-counter and prescription medications • cups, plates, and flatware • alarm clock or radio • three-prong surge protector • computer and printer • cell phone and charger • trash bags • desk lamp • backpack • school supplies • calendar • storage containers • UL-listed extension cord (six feet or under)

What to coordinate with your roommate:
vacuum • iron and ironing board • television • stereo • DVD player • room decorations • broom and dustpan • cleaning supplies

What to leave at home:
candles and incense • space heaters and air conditioners • microwaves and refrigerators (your room comes with a microfridge) • flammable liquids • cooking devices • toasters and toaster ovens • hot plates • halogen torchiere lamps • pets

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