Non-Traditional Schooling
Admissions Procedures for Non-Traditional Applicants
Early Graduation/Early College Entry
Students who plan to leave high school prior to completing a traditional four year high school program to enter a college degree program must be competitive for admission, present strong high school records on all courses taken to date, and demonstrate readiness for college. SAT subject examination results in areas such as mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and foreign languages can be submitted to show equivalent knowledge for courses not already completed in high school. If you will not have a high school diploma by the time of enrollment, you must present a high school equivalence diploma or certificate. Please see equivalency exams below.

High School Equivalency Exams - GED, HiSET, and TASC Exams
Applicants who have earned a General Educational Development (GED), HiSET, or TASC certificate or similar high school equivalency certificate must submit an official report of their examination scores as well as transcripts from any secondary school(s) and college(s) attended. Home-schooled students can complete one of these exams to satisfy secondary school diploma requirements.

Current Home-Schooled Applicants
Students who are currently home schooled should submit the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), which you may preview here. Also submit SAT or ACT scores as well as an outline of your academic curriculum. Please indicate whether your schooling has been conducted under an accredited program. Home-schooled students must present a high school equivalency diploma or certificate.


It is helpful for home-schooled students to provide transcripts, syllabi, and/or reading lists. Most submissions are from one to five pages in length. You may outline your studies with high school equivalent year studied/courses completed for each academic area and include the textbooks you used.
  • College preparatory math should include the level of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus you have completed
  • For foreign language study please note which language(s)
  • Indicate which sciences you studied, such as chemistry, physics, or others
  • For English and other literature, textbooks and a sampling of authors read can be note
  • SAT subject exams and/or AP exam results may be submitted to show education attained in required areas
Submissions may mirror a traditional transcript format with a column for academic subjects, column for year(s) each subject studied, grades or level of achievement, and related texts on one page. An additional page may have other books read. Many home-schooled students include a page with an overview of learning styles.


Please include your full name and, if possible, your identification number on all attachments. The final transcript for enrolling students either should originate from an accredited home-school organization or be signed by the person responsible for your home-school education.