Academic Documentation

Your completed file consists of all the items included in the Checklist for Completing Your Rutgers Application.

Current secondary/high school students attending international education systems are required to self-report their courses, grades, grade point averages, and rank in-class with Rutgers' free standing online form: the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR).Official documents are required for admitted students to enroll.

Transfer applicants and all enrolling students must submit an official high school/secondary transcript with all courses and final grades or an official copy of your finishing certificate, e.g. O-Level, CXC, IGCSE.

For English Proficiency and other test results, please see Required Test Scores.

Documents not in English must be accompanied by a translation verified by a language professor or professional translator and must arrive on the professional letterhead of the translator.

Do not send the following:

  • Sport certificates
  • Craft certificates
  • Letters of recommendation