Sep 23 2009


Tonight a good night at the dining hall, King Neptune Night! It was one of the most amazing things ever. I mean I’m a die hard seafood fan so when I get the option to eat; lobster, crab, bisque, flounder, salmon, shrimp, and so much more I’m there. I actually did a not so good thing to be there, everybody told me that I had to get there early to get the best, so I missed my class. I know it’s not good and you shouldn't skip class, but I don’t think one class is going to kill me. And believe me it was completely worth it. I went with Kylie and one of our other friends, and poor Kylie hates seafood. Note to all people that are crazy and don’t like seafood, DO NOT go to a dining hall on King Neptune night. While there are options for “land lubbers” the smell is intense. You feel like you were thrown into South Street Seaport and just rolled around in the leftovers. While most seafood lovers live for that smell, there are a few that aren’t as enthused, so stay away and see what else New Brunswick has to offer, I’m sure you’ve gotten many menus, use them. I however had an amazing and filling night. We waited online for lobster for about 20 minutes, which wasn’t fun but hey it’s a whole freakin lobster, and I also picked up a piece of flounder and some salmon. Then came the hunt for the snow crab, this was a difficult mission- you had to have perfect timing to get your hands on one of those tasty clusters, thank god I did. While I was waiting to pounce on the crab I got a bowl of lobster bisque and some shrimp cocktail. At the end of this bonanza I think my tray weighed like 15 pounds. After finally finding three seats we sat and started to enjoy. The only sucky part about the night is the fact there were no nutcrackers or the tiny fork to get the meat out. This did not make me hesitate for a second. I attacked my crab first, getting every morsel of meat out of every single leg, I then turned to the lobster and devoured the claws, tail, and legs. It was a difficult process and I spent more time getting my meat than eating it, but still it was AWESOME. I ate the bisque and some of the shrimp and flounder but what I really wanted was more crab, so I got back into attack mode. This other kid and I sat in front of the table waiting for the crab to come out for 10 minutes, and when it finally came out I grabbed the biggest cluster, went back to my table and devoured it. We ended the night with ice cream, not really going with the theme but Kylie and I love ice cream. I made Kylie a banana ice cream cone (I make them because somehow I know how to make a nice looking cone) and I had chocolate. That’s what I love about the college ave. creamery, that they change two of their flavors everyday so there’s always something new; cheesecake, banana, mango, peach etc. My first King Neptune Night was a complete success and I suggest to anyone who loves or even likes seafood to not miss it next year.

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djalexis United States says:

Loving the lobster pic...but I didn't like KN as much as you! Time to blog about it!!

djalexis United States says:

Like...the food was good and all (especially the crab)...but I think the amount of people was too much. They really should close KN to the general public. I probably would have got my food faster at Red Lobster. Geez.

Zeke United States says:

if you wanna bring family, is it still $30 per guest or can you use your guest meals so it's free for them? lovin' the pics.

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