Apr 5 2010

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Please comment with any questions regarding colleges, college life, academic programs, extracurriculars, New Brunswick, research, etc.

I'm opening up this entry for answering college-related questions. I'll try my best to address your concerns!

Entry is Closed for comments as of April 19, 2010. Thank you for all your questions!

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Jaanai Babb United States says:

How intense is the Pharmacy program?!

phylee United States says:


That word is relative! I am only in my first-year, and I think it's very challenging. But other people do not find it too difficult. It depends on each person, his/her work ethic/time management. But if you want to do the program, definitely don't let fear stop you!

suzie United States says:

*Im a junior in high school and im jus curious how the whole application process works eg. housing process, declaring major,etc. (jus the kind of stuff you have to do in order to start ur freshman year in college.)
*What campus would u recommend to live.
*how is student life rutgers

phylee United States says:


For Rutgers, the housing process for freshmen is done on first-come-first served basis, so apply early for a better chance at getting first choice. You can find out more about the campuses here:

Declaring a major can be decided upon which Rutgers school you are enrolled in. You can find more information about that:
(there are many majors at Rutgers! Also, there is something called Academic Planning and Advising -APA- day for freshmen where they talk to you about classes/what to take/what to expect/etc.)

Student life at Rutgers is fun. What are you interested in?

Juhi United States says:

I will be attending Rutgers next fall, Class of '14! I wanted to know why you chose Douglass as your residence and the other dorms that you liked as well.

phylee United States says:

Hi Juhi! Congratulations on Rutgers... yay! Laughing

I chose Douglass Residential College because I wanted a small and supportive community within the large university. They also have a lot of great programs that help you personally, academically and professionally. DRC is free, so why NOT take advantage of the resources? Smile I also like grass and trees...

Outside of Douglass, I like the BAMM dorms on Busch, Hardenburgh/Frelinghuysen on College Ave.

Jaanai United States says:


nathalie United States says:

I will be attending Rutgers next fall too! And I was wondering when you get to find out which campus you get to live on next year? And how do you know which meal plan to get?

phylee United States says:

I think I found out the housing assignment in July. The earlier you submit your housing/deposit, the better your chances of getting your first choice.

Get the lowest meal plan for freshmen (210). Best advice I got when I was incoming freshie... But most parents overestimate.

Lola United States says:

Are all freshman undergraduates guaranteed housing?

phylee United States says:


Yes, I believe so. After freshmen year, your housing depends on lottery numbers.

Rachel United States says:

i'm going to be in the pharm program as an incoming freshman. what did you think of expository writing? and is intro to experimentation just like a lab?

phylee United States says:

Expository writing is not a fun class, which is really disappointing because I looked forward to college writing classes since I love to write...

Just go in with the mentality that you can defeat the expos monster, and you should be fine. Be determined Laughing

Intro to experimentation is chem lab. I don't know why they try to be all fancy with that name...

Satinder United States says:

I am going to be dorming at Douglass as a freshman also, and I was wondering how hard is it to get into the Women and Entrepreneurial Business House in Jameson Hall?

phylee United States says:


Congratulations! It depends on how many current students applied to be in that House because they have first priority. You should have a good chance. Just be prepared to work hard because I heard the house course is pretty time-consuming and challenging...

Satinder United States says:


The Women and Entrepreneurial Business House was full, so I might go with the Women and Creativity House in Woodbury Hall. Would you prefer Woodbury Hall or the regular freshmen one? Also, the website just gives basic information, so i would really like to learn more about it.


Jennifer United States says:

I am applying to the Graduate Program. I would like to add another person/email address from another source (as I only listed 2, and need to add the third). How do I go about this?

phylee United States says:


I live in Bunting Cobb (it's in conjuction to Woodbury). If you like quiet dorms, pick Woodbury. If you like more "freshmen"-like dorm, pick Katzenbach.

Jennifer: I do not know.

lee United States says:

Hi Jennifer,

Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions:

Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
(New Brunswick)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
18 Bishop Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8530, U.S.A.

Salma United States says:

Hi Phyllis!
Thanks for e-mailing back so quickly.
I wanted to ask you about the transportation within Rutgers. I will be joining Rutgers as a freshmen in the pharmacy program and will, hopefully, be dorming at the DRC. So how is it that you go from DRC to the pharmacy building in Busch?

phylee United States says:


All my classes (except for one last semester on CA and two this semester on Busch) are on Douglass because I picked the sections that were Douglass. Next semester, all my classes, except one, is on Douglass. Therefore, transportation for classes is not an issue if you register for the sections that you want.

It takes about 15 minutes to get from Douglass to the Pharmacy Building. Add in 3 minutes for walking to the pharmacy building from the bus stop/etc. Not too bad.

However, after the first two pre-professional years, you take pharmacy classes. Those are on Busch. Therefore, it's more than fine to dorm on Douglass for first two years if that's your concern.

Nermine United States says:

Could you explain how the dorms are organized at Rutgers? I'm only a junior in high school, but Rutgers is my first choice college, and I plan on majoring in Biochem. I'm not sure if I want to dorm yet, I'm wondering if they put you in a building with people that have the same major as you? Or is it you're graduating class? And how do you go about finding a certain roommate that you want. One with the same major as you for example.
Oh and do you like the Rutger's dorms? Quality-wise, I mean.

Sorry for all the questions.

Salma United States says:

Hi again,
I was just filling out the dinning/housing application and was a bit confused on the special living-learning communities at Douglass. For 1st year students they offer the bunting-cobb, honors, and general housing. What do you think is best?
p.s.: how do they offer honors housing for 1st year students when, in one of the letters they sent me states, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy invites students to the honors program after thier first year after keeping a GPA of 3.5 or higher?

Jo United States says:

I applied as a pharmacy major and i got waitlisted for the program, but i'm still pursuing it at RU. I assume you are around other older pharm majors at some time, so i wanted to know whether RU has "co-op" like programs during the 6 years. Do you know the specifics of the "intro to practice experience" the summer going into the 2nd pro year?

Rachel O United States says:

Hi, I recently just found out that I got accepted to rutgers but I got excepted to the Camden campus and not the Newark campus. I am from out of state and wanted Newark because its closer to NY and my family I have there. Is it possible to transfer within campuses?

phyllis United States says:


Here is the pharmacy curriculum:

After the first and second professional years during the summer, you will have the opportunity to be placed into a community pharmacy and a hospital pharmacy, respectively --- those are the Introductory practice Experience hours. The final year (P4) is devoted to rotations. You will be required to do at least 7 rotations in various settings such as hospital, clinical, industry, community, etc. These is called the Advanced Practice Experience.

Salma: if you are considering the sciences at Rutgers, Bunting-Cobb is the best option, in my opinion. You cannot dorm in Honors housing, but the housing application is the same for everyone so it does not separate honors/non-honors from viewing the options. However, you cannot pursue the honors housing option.

Nermine: The quality of the dorms depends on the dorms and on the campuses. Some of the dorms are newer, such as the ones are Busch. From my knowledge, it is not done my major unless you select a living-learning community. It is done by your ranking of the campuses on the housing application and by your living preferences (night owl/early bird, smoking/nonsmoking, single-sex/co-ed). Freshmen are usually paired with freshmen. If you want to find someone with the same major as you, I would look on Facebook for the Admitted Students Group next year and ask around or look for someone during orientation and request to be roommates.

phyllis United States says:

Rachel, I have friends who transferred from Newark to New Brunswick, but I am not certain on the process.

You can contact Lee at the following email for more information:
dmochowski at ugadm.rutgers.edu

Jung0310 United States says:

Hello I was also accepted into Rutgers, into the Business School at New Brunswick.  I was wondering which building at New Brunswick is the "business" building, where most business classes take place.  I think I saw somewhere that it is Busch

phylee United States says:

Jung, it's on Livingston.

Jo United States says:

1) Do you stay on campus when you do the community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy?
2)During those rotation periods, can you engage in research?
3)Do the rotation sites (the hospitals and industry communities) commonly hire pharm students after they graduate. Do you know the names of these places?

phylee United States says:

1. You do not stay on campus. You drive to your rotation site.
2. It depends on your rotation.
3. I do not know, sorry. But all accredited Pharm.D. schools need to send their students to rotations for their last year. Therefore, I don't think it's common that they hire the students immediately after graduation because the sites could receive many students.

phylee United States says:


If you have any other questions, feel free to use the contact form on the website. Thanks!

Rachel United States says:

How many students are in Rutgers Honors Programs?

Christine United States says:

Hi, i was accpted to Rutgers Newark, and waitlisted at New Brinswick, i was wondering if theres any way i can either transfer, or maybe just take classes at new brunswick, i am commuting, and i have not enrolled yet  because im not sure what to do, but i am definitely attending Rutgers

lee United States says:

Hi Christine,

Congratulations on your admission!  I beleive you will find many good things at Rutgers-Newark!  If New Brunswick is your first choice and you are not admitted from the wait list, you can utilize the school-to-school transfer process after you have completed at least one semester at Newark.  Best wishes!  

DD United States says:

Hey there,
I'm a transfer student who applied for Rutgers fall semester 2011. I got accepted to RU-Newark but got waitlisted at RU-New Brunswick. I hope I could get into NB but if I accept the Newark admission, would my waitlisting at NB be withdrawn? And if I do get accepted to NB after I accept for Newark, would I be able to switch my reply? Much appreciated if you guys could help me Smile

Rutgers Student Blogs says:

My pharmacy experience

My pharmacy experience

lee United States says:

Dear DD,

You may accept your offer of admission at Rutgers-Newark and were you later admitted from the wait list to Rutgers-New Brunswick you may change your school of enrollment online.  You would not have to pay the acceptance fee a second time.

Thanks for asking!

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