Jul 2 2010

Got Questions?

To incoming Rutgers freshmen,

It's finally July! That means only about two months until you're college freshmen! :) I hope you're enjoying graduation parties, trips to the beach, hanging out with your high school friends, being carefree, Rutgers summer orientation, shopping for college move-in items, and being excited to finally go to college.

So I'm opening this post for questions.

Here are a few questions that I had last year.

What should I bring to my college dorm? Here is the best packing list I found!

When is move-in? August 28th for general students. Those in living-learning communities or special programs could have different move-in dates.

When do classes start? Classes start on Sept. 1st.

What is Next Bus? Rutgers uses a bus system. This can be used to find out when the next Rutgers bus to coming to your stop. For the texting service information, click here <- best invention by a Rutgers student.

What is Sakai? A website for your classes. When you are enrolled into certain classes, the professor will usually set up a Sakai page. There are usually chatrooms so you can discuss assignments with other students, assignments tab to find out what homework you have, etc.

What is My Rutgers? A place where you can check your emails, grades, dining hall menus, schedule of classes, calender of events.

Where do I buy my textbooks? To find out what textbooks you need for your classes, click here. Unless you absolutely need to or it is a bargain package deal, do not purchase your books new from the bookstore. You can find much cheaper books at online websites or by purchasing from other RU students (check out FB groups for advertisements).

How do I find out where I've been assigned to dorm or who my roommate is? Housing will eventually email you. Last year, we found out the assignments around early August.

Why does every freshman hate Expos? I love to write, and I still did not like Expos. It's frustrating because it doesn't teach us how to write (and if you're someone like me who wants to learn how to write, then Expos is extra irritating). Instead, it makes us follow some weird Writing Program formula on how to compare two or three very different essays using strained comparisons and statements.

Comment below if you have any questions about college, the transition from high school to university, etc. I'll try my best to help you :)

Entry is now closed for questions as of 8/23/2010.

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jack United States says:

hey phyllis, your blogs are very helpful and you offer great insight Smile

as an incoming pharm student tell me what are the best methods of studying, how did you manage your time, how much would you study before an exam, how did you balance everything and what would you say is the ideal way to live through it all


phylee United States says:

Thank you Jack! I really appreciate that! I'm glad it's helpful to you Smile

It took me an entire semester to figure this out for myself. But reading the chapters before the actual lecture is immensely helpful. I received that piece of advice before I started school but I didn't believe it until I tried not reading and reading it... and reading the chapters beforehand makes life much easier. I never did this in high school, so I didn't think it would be necessary in college. But it was.

I also really appreciated the tutoring in the Learning Resource Centers (located on each campus). It can be busy/hectic because there aren't many tutors. But if you have specific questions, the tutors are great. I highly recommend the tutoring center on College Ave.

I study for an exam at least a week in advance (depending on the subject) but it is subjective to each person.

For chemistry, you just redo homework, quiz and practice problems again and again until you get them right on the first shot. That takes a lot of time... Unless you're really talented at chem then it shouldn't be a problem. Same for Calc.

I didn't take Bio so I'm not sure how to study that subject. But it's really intensive at college vs. what I had to do for AP class. My friends spent a lot of time.

For chem lab, the weekly quiz questions are very similar to the pre-lab questions and the procedure/introduction.

For expos, it's just time consuming, boring and frustrating but not particularly difficult as in intellectually challenging. Helpful to go to office hours w/ your teacher so you know their viewpoints on the assigned readings so you can incorporate that into your essay to help develop your essay.

To balance everything is completely possible! Smile Do not worry. It's not really about balance, but rather more like juggling.

If you commit yourself to clubs/organizations/jobs/etc, then when you need to study you have to actually study instead of going on Facebook/procrastinating. You'll figure out your study habits and juggling act when you get to college, don't worry Smile

If you don't remember any of this, try to remember the follow: study with two other friends. Any more people will make it really hard to study because you'll just want slack. And studying by yourself is really boring and draining. Smile

Good luck and let me know if you have other questions.

Jacqueline MacSloNinski United States says:

What are some sat scores that could get you into rutgers new brunswick?

lee United States says:

Hi Jacqueline,

Our admissions profile is online here:

Please also see "How We Make Decisions":

Kseniya United States says:

Hey, I chose my courses for my freshman year about a month ago. I'm not going to find out about my definite schedule until much later though.(Am I right?) When should I start buying textbooks then?

phylee United States says:


Check My Rutgers under the academics section for the schedule that will be eventually released (I recommend staying in touch with the Facebook group of Rutgers 2014 so you get a notification from the other students). You should have plenty of time to look up books online after that... or look for them from other students.

phylee United States says:

Also, if you don't like your schedule, you can change it the first two weeks of school called add/drop period.

You can do that on webreg. It's a bit complicated to explain online but see if you can ask your RA to show you how that works Smile

Pallavi India says:

Hi.. I have an admit from Chem n Biochem Engg Dept.. Which places in New Brunswick are closer to the department. i wish to plan for my housing and stuff. Where do i get list of Indian students who will be joining Rutgers (Fall 2010).

phylee United States says:

Congratulations on your acceptance! The engineering department is located on the Busch campus. If you want to live close to the dept, choose Busch campus. They even have a dorm especially for engineers.

I don't know about how to find international students from India... but you can choose our contact button on the top of this blog to contact admissions to see if they can help you.

Cathy Hawn United States says:

I have enjoyed reading your posts over the course of your first year at RU and thank you for doing this.  I am hoping my daughter will be accepted when she applies this fall for 2011 admission and that she will be wise enough to take your advice no matter where she ends up for college!

phylee United States says:

Thank you, Cathy! I really appreciate your comment Smile Best of luck to your daughter!

Crystal United States says:

Hi there!  Does every dorm come with two closets for both roommates?  Or are there certain dorms that come with one closet and one dresser or something like that?  Thank you!

Jess United States says:

This is probably a random weird question.. but at orientation there were three cans in the room.. one for trash.. and the other two for recycling.. is it like that just for orientation.. or will those be there throughout the school year?

lee United States says:

It will be like that through the year, Jess.

phylee United States says:


There are two closets, two dressers, two beds, two desks, two chairs, one microfridge.

The closets are super tiny and connected, but there is a dividing wall.

phylee United States says:


I honestly have no idea regarding auto insurance in NJ. Sorry... have a good summer and best of luck driving up from Florida Smile

Alex United States says:

Out of curiousity, what are the Jameson Hall dorms like? I've looked everywhere, but no one seems to have posted pictures online.

phylee United States says:

Jameson dorms do not look like traditional dorms. Think: old fashioned furniture, beautiful dark wood, nice lighting, big rooms.

I'm actually really envious that I don't live there! Haha Smile

Kaylee United States says:

Hello Smile
I just visited Rutgers during a Team Field Hockey Camp this summer of 2010. I met the head coach and fell in love with her the other girls and the campus. I was on the Livingston part I believe. Well anyway, the question that I am getting to is...does Rutgers have Architecture in the academic selection for a major? I briefly checked it out on the site and didn't find anything about it. I am only going to be a Senior, but talking to Liz Chew, the head coach, I am very curious about everything at this school. I want to do something along the lines of designing, drawing, and or mathematics and science. I saw there was a lot of mechanical engineering schools when I traveled the campus. As a very athletic girl, I am interested in field hockey and softball, but only have talked to the field hockey coach. Even if either of them decide the don't think I am a good fit right away on their team, I would like to possibly attend Rutgers in the fall of 2011. So yeah, with all this blabber my simple question is, Is architecture possible major or academic choosing here?
Thank you for your help!


phylee United States says:


I'm glad to hear you had an awesome experience with field hockey camp and met the Rutgers coach Smile

As for the architecture program, from what I know, there is a landscape architecture program at Rutgers. However, you should call Rutgers admissions to confirm/find out more as I am uncertain. As for engineering, there are more options in that field of study.

Good luck!

m.d United States says:

For orinetation at Rutgers Newark, how does it like work? what happens when you get there? do they spearate everyone, and if so, How? like alpabetically, or jus by the time you get there?
thanks for answers in advance =)

phylee United States says:

Hi M.D! I have a friend at RU Newark, so I'll ask him for you and get back to you on that. Smile

Steve United States says:

Phyllis, can you please help me.  My daughter is going to start her freshman year and has already received housing on college avenue.  However, she is very worried as she has not received a list of her classes and has not even received a term bill yet.  Is it normal to receive them just prior to class or should we be worried at this point?  Maybe, i'm just an overanxious dad.

lee United States says:

Dear Steve,

Points of informtion I will detail in a separate e-mail, off-blog, as it were.  

1. Frosh will e receiving their schedules of classes on or about Auguist 20.  
2. Term bills are available online at http://studentabc.rutgers.edu.  

Please look for a separate email concerning yoru daughter's enrollment, as we look forward to welcoming her!

Lee Ann Dmochowski
Senior Admissions Counselor (and blogging coordinator)

phylee United States says:


I asked my friend, and he said there were split into groups led by two upperclassmen. Have fun and enjoy your freshmen year! Smile

phylee United States says:

The term bills have been available online for a while now. Rutgers usually emails the student's eden (email) account regarding these tuition bills instead of mailing a hard copy to the home address. Just something to keep in mind for reference Smile

Check My Rutgers (link available above in the post) for the class schedule under the Academics tab... as our admissions counselor Lee Dmochowski said it will be available tomorrow on the 20th.

Also, know that the schedule is not permanent yet. Your daughter can add/drop during the first two weeks of school if she does not like her schedule, changes her mind about classes, wants to find classes on more convenient campuses. She can ask her RA how to do so.

Good luck and don't worry Smile

phylee United States says:

Questions are now closed, as of August 23, 2010.

Thanks for all your questions Smile

leed United States says:

Dear Hoan,

Please see your R.A. or or go to the Office of Housing and Residence Life: http://ruoncampus.rutgers.edu/

Divya United States says:

I wanted to no if i can get accepted to ru nb or newark, mainly nb if i have a score of 1290 on my sats and a 3.68 gpa with ex. activities like clubs n crisis center class. I am taking my sats in oct again so i hope for a 1500. My garades, i feel are good for rutgers, but only the sat is what i am worried about. I really love to get into ru because of its great reputation and all the majors to choose from!!!!!!!!

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