Rutgers University awards scholarships of varying amounts to the most students who choose us for their college education:  Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

Q: What factors are considered during the awarding of first-year merit scholarships?
A: We consider SAT or ACT scores, cumulative grade-point average, final course grades and the strength of an applicant's academic program. Specific award criteria depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool each year; so there is no set of credentials that guarantees any award

All first-year admitted students who apply by December 1 are considered for merit awards and offered the highest monetary award for which they qualify. Except for the International Award, scholarships are offered only to US citizens and permanent residents. 

Q:  Will I still be considered for first-year scholarships if I apply after December 1?
No. First-year students must apply by December 1 and submit all required credentials within two weeks of that date. 

Q: Are international students eligible for scholarships?
Yes; international students are eligible for the International Award in amounts that range from $2,000 to $8,000 per year.

Q:  When will I hear if I received a scholarship?
A. Beginning in January, first-students who qualify for a scholarship will be notified. Notification for transfer students begins in April of each year.

Q:  Will you accept updated SAT or ACT score for a first-year merit scholarship consideration?
A: Yes, but only scores from exams taken before January 1 of your senior year will be considered.

Q: Why did I receive a scholarship for one school and not the other?
A: Each Rutgers school or college selects scholarship recipients to shape their entering class. Therefore it is possible for a student admitted to several academic units within Rutgers to receive scholarship awards in amounts that vary by school or college.

Q: I know someone who received a scholarship and their test scores are lower than mine; shouldn't I qualify for that scholarship too?
A: No, because scholarships are based on a combination of factors including cumulative grade-point average, final course grades, strength of an academic program and SAT or ACT scores.  There is no set of “numbers” that will guarantee a scholarship or its amount.

Q: If I defer my admission, will I keep my Rutgers scholarship?
A: No. In this case, academic scholarships cannot be guaranteed. However, scholarship awardees who defer will be considered again for scholarships when they submit the application for the year they wish to enroll.

Q:  If I don’t get a scholarship now, can I get one in my second or third year at Rutgers?
A: The merit award program pertains to students entering Rutgers as new students, either first-year or transfer. There may be other scholarships awarded to continuing students by their school's deans office, based on merit or other factors.  

Q:  What do I need to have to keep my scholarship?
A: Scholarships are renewable for a total of four years, based on specified academic performance and provided the student is enrolled full-time. Presidential Scholarship renewal requires the student to maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade-point average. All other first-year merit scholarships require the student to maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average. 

Q:  If I change schools at Rutgers, will my scholarship change?
A: Scholarships may not be transferable if you switch schools at Rutgers.

Q:  If I self-identify as a descendant of a Rutgers alumnus will I be guaranteed an endowed scholarship?
A: No; academic criteria are considered whenever we award scholarships.