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“I love Rutgers. There are so many faculty members that really want to work with students. They’re a great team to have in my corner. They’re super patient and really good at helping me organize ideas. I can always come to them for advice.”
Animal Science
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Alyssa's Story

Alyssa’s love for farm animals led her to Rutgers University. From observing behavioral changes in songbirds to researching the connection between Alzheimer’s disease and auditory functions, Alyssa fueled her curiosity – creating fulfilling experiences along the way.

Why did you choose Rutgers University?

I chose Rutgers because of the Honors College program and the affordability. They have a really great animal science program. There is so much farmland, and so many opportunities to work with animals and other researchers as well.

Did you conduct research with faculty? Share your experience.

My research tried to understand the relationship between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease by looking at the auditory brain stem. The auditory brainstem is recognized for discriminating and distinguishing sounds. By using what we know about the auditory pathway, we were about to identify morphological markers that could be indicative of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease.

Did you participate in any philanthropic or community service activities?

The Honors College always has HC Cares week. For that, I always go to MedShare, a company that gathers different medical equipment into medical packages and ships it out to doctors or nurses in developing countries that need it.

Alyssa’s other activities on campus: