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“I was drawn to Rutgers by the diversity and the many opportunities that are here.”
Exercise Science
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Ebony's Story

Ebony knew she wanted to pursue a health-related major. She was interested in the human body and felt that biology would be more geared towards microorganisms and plants. She also played sports and learned firsthand about physical therapy when she sprained her ankle twice. Ebony plans to pursue a career in physical therapy. Ebony says that it is very easy to form a community and support networks at Rutgers. She had made close friends in the major and they all study together.

She also appreciates the wide range of courses, including unique ones in the Department of Kinesiology and Health like “Movement Experiences for Individuals With Disabilities” and “Systems Physiology,” to a range of biology and chemistry courses from other departments. Ebony says that she feels like the major has really prepared her for the future and even if she changes her mind about physical therapy, she will have other choices like the many students in this major who go on to medical school, nursing, occupational therapy, and other fields. 

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