Clifford Frazier, Senior Counselor
Education Opportunity Fund (EOF)
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Clifford's Story
Express Newark, Co-Directors
University and Community Collaborative
Express Newark Team
John Longo, Professor
Finance and Economics Department
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Longo's Story
Dr. Alan R. Sadovnik, Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor
Education, Sociology and Public Affairs and Administration
Dr. Sadovnik's Story
Dr. Akhil Sharma, Assistant Professor
English Department for Creative Writing
Dr. Sharma's Story
Paul Lazaro, Assistant Director, Office of Veteran Affairs
Veteran Affairs Program
Assistant Director, Office of Veteran Affairs
Dr. Timothy Eatman, Dean of the HLLC and Associate Professor of Urban Education in the NCAS
Dr. Eatman's Story
Narayan B. Mandayam, Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Mandayam's Story
Ashutosh Goel, Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Goel's Story
Nicola Behrmann, Assistant Professor
Department of German, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Behrmann's Story
Camilla Stevens, Associate Professor
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Stevens' Story
Andrew Murphy, Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Rutgers–New Brunswick
Professor Murphy's Story