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“Every one of the teachers here wants you to succeed. There are a lot of kind, caring people who want you to do well.”
Fitzroy's Story
French & Philosophy, Honors College student
Rutgers University–Camden

Fitzroy's Story

When Fitzroy Campbell first enrolled at Rutgers University–Camden, he thought he would spend one year on the campus and transfer. Instead, after a professor in his French course encouraged him and helped to land a small scholarship, he not only stayed, he added a second major.       

A double major in French and philosophy who is minoring in marketing with a near perfect GPA, Campbell was elected into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society in his junior year. He has plans to attend law school, and he credits the support he has received from faculty for enabling him to excel. “Every one of the teachers here wants you to succeed. There are a lot of kind, caring people who want you to do well.”

Honors College

Campbell said the courses he has taken in the Honors College have benefitted him. “In the Honors College, you’ll have the most intense classes. It can be stressful, but they built up my confidence. Taking the difficult courses and getting through them—that was super rewarding.”

Rigorous Honors College seminar courses he took included Marriage in Historical Perspective and The Political Philosophy in Hip Hop, a course he took his first semester. “It was very challenging. But it ended up being one of my most interesting classes.”

He also said guidance from the advisers in the Honors College has been very beneficial to him, as has the close community of students. He said he is confident his experience will benefit him in the long run. “The Honors College is very helpful. I’m glad to have its seal of approval when I graduate.”

Life on Campus

Campbell, whose mother lives in Sicklerville, N.J., has lived on campus all four of his years as a student at Rutgers–Camden. In addition to a full course load, he has kept up a busy schedule of extracurricular activities, including serving as secretary of the Cercle Francophone (the French Club), and the Korean Student Association. “You make friends easier when you live on campus,” he said.

He said he enjoys making the short trip into Philadelphia with friends, and that he has benefitted academically by being able to meet with professors at most any time of the day due to his proximity to campus. “Living on campus is such an advantage,” he said.