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“Rutgers has every opportunity you could think of. I’ve opened up my horizon of career goals and personal goals because of the programs and spaces Rutgers has. There’s room for you to do anything you want.”
Joshua is majoring in physics
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Joshua's Story

Joshua recognized that networking was key to broadening his horizons at Rutgers University – New Brunswick. Whether working with faculty on the latest physics advancements or volunteering with the local community, Joshua is discovering new passions while making friends along the way.

Why did you chose Rutgers University?

I chose Rutgers because I knew they were extremely supportive in physics research. The physics department was doing extremely interesting things. I also knew that Rutgers had a lot of connections with different institutions and companies. I knew that they were well-known.

Have you participated in any philanthropy or community service?

I was involved with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). We did a lot of outreach and programs to help the homeless and people around campus. For one of the initiatives, they had high school students come to Rutgers and stay the night so they can get a sense of the college experience. For the McNair program, we went to middle schools and elementary schools to read books with the kids.

Has Rutgers changed you?

100%! It’s given me a broader outlook of the world. At Rutgers, there’s a diverse group of people with different views and thoughts. The courses I’ve been taking influence outward thinking and being open to different perspectives.