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“when I was a freshman I never expected to do any of the research that I have done over my college career”
Marine Sciences and Marine Biology
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Joshua's Story

Joshua, a marine biology major with a minor in anthropology, is a unique combination of creative and meticulous, traits that are highly valued in painstaking data collection research projects like the one he’s worked on alongside his thesis advisor Daphne Munroe, associate professor at Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory (HSRL) in Bivalve, NJ.

Joshua is working on his Cook Scholars thesis on the spatial distribution of horseshoe crab eggs along the Delaware Bay. Over the summer he worked at the Haskin lab on a project that examined the ecological interaction horseshoe crabs had on oyster farms and is now expanding upon that project with the research he is performing now. He plans to continue the research he is doing now and expanding upon it and has tentative plans for graduate school in the future. Joshua mixed his love of biology with the experience he was gaining from working with the subject of physical oceanography and ended up majoring in marine biology.

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