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“The stories will continue to be told, words will always be written and committed people will always hold our government accountable. If anything, now is the time to be a journalism student.”
Julie Tsirkin is a 2017 graduate who majored in Journalism and Media Studies
Journalism and Media Studies
School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Communication and Information
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Julie's Story

One year out of Rutgers, Julie Tsirkin shines as the youngest producer at NBC's New York Bureau for the lead White House correspondent. Julie was originally intending to study law after graduation. After three years of studying to prepare for a legal career, she decided her senior year to change her major to journalism and media studies. Julie's prelaw adviser told her to do what she loved. So she navigated through her journalism major well-believing she wouldn't pursue it and stumbled through some prelaw classes along the way. Her 'aha!' moment came while an almost senior studying for the LSAT's when she decided to apply for an internship in news. She interned at MSNBC during the 2016 election. That led her to realize she wanted to be a journalist. She is very thankful to Professor Miller at the School of Communication and Information for helping her get where she is today.

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