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“Understanding how people behave is integral and that’s why the project is interesting on so many levels.”
Narayan Mandayam is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Engineering
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Professor Mandayam's Story

When Superstorm Sandy lashed New Jersey in 2012, engineering professor Narayan B. Mandayam lost power in his East Brunswick home for five days. Sandy sparked the Rutgers professor’s interest in helping to engineer smart cities, where everything is connected; renewable energy, green infrastructure and sustainability reign; and resilience after breakdowns, disasters and malicious attacks is critical.

The Rutgers project [he is a part of] seeks to integrate critical infrastructures, such as smart transportation, wireless systems, water networks and power grids, into a unified smart city. Critical infrastructures will share energy, computing, wireless services, users and operating personnel, and economic investments.

"Psychology plays a key role because you must account for how you influence people’s behavior and how people’s behavior influences the design of a smart city. The goal is to nudge people to behave better and make the right choices, leading to sustainability, and how you frame questions or make proposals is important," Mandayam said.

Excerpted from Rutgers Today

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