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“Rutgers-Newark EOF gave me the opportunity to obtain a higher education. It also challenged and prepared me for a well-rounded college experience. I now have a greater chance to embark on a successful career.”
Public Affairs and Administration
School of Public and Nonprofit Administration
Rutgers University–Newark

Yentunde's Story

Why Rutgers-Newark?

I chose Rutgers-Newark because I loved how culture and family-oriented it was here. In addition, being a part of the EOF family motivated me to consider this college more, because I felt like I would have a good support system behind me. I was really intrigued that although it was a small community, there was still a place for everyone.

Best Experience So Far

Residential life has been the best experience, because it has impacted me in a few ways. I have gained a greater sense of independence, and it is the one place I meet almost all of my friends. Even when there is not much to do, the fact that you are surrounded with people that you love makes it all that much better.

Accessible Faculty Experience

There are some really great professors at this school, who make themselves available 24/7, which really helps. A few professors that I had in the past still email me when they hear of different opportunities.

Career Plans, Goals, and Dreams

With places like career development, work study, and even certain classes, Rutgers-Newark has given me the opportunity to set goals for myself. All the emails regarding internships and career fairs has really helped as well, and it makes me happy knowing that after college, more opportunity lies ahead.

More Affordable Access

EOF and financial aid grants play a big part in why I can attend Rutgers-Newark. It is amazing that different grants are available in order to receive higher education.

Involved in

I am currently a Scarlet Ambassador in the Admissions Offcie and a mentor for the First-Year Leadership Council.

Campus organizations and activities provide

These organizations allow me give back to the local Newark community, especially because both organizations involve working with a lot of prospective and first-year students.

Living and dining on campus

Allows me to be more independent and more compromising. Living with people makes you more understanding and you have to learn to adapt and respect others. Over the past two years dining has improved, which is why I look forward to eating there.

Community Connection

Service-Learning, which was a part of EOF. We gave out toothbrushes and toothpaste just to promote the importance of hygiene around campus.

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark…

The people, DIVERSITY, and the culture that we are surrounded by.

Provide and describe one word to describe Rutgers University-Newark

Home. It is the one place that feels like home to me. I have a second family at school with me.