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About American Studies

American Studies is a fascinating interdisciplinary major that focuses on the complex history and culture of the United States. It looks at the ways that literature, film, and other arts, and politics, history and a multitude of cultures intersect to shape the American experience. Our American Studies faculty specialize in areas such as:

  • Popular culture
  • Cultural history
  • Film studies and media culture
  • Folklore and literature
  • Jerseyana
  • History of sexuality
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Visual culture

Our faculty is committed to teaching you to write well, speak articulately, and to think independently, critically, and creatively, skills highly sought by a wide range of employers and graduate and professional schools. Upon graduation you can pursue professional training and careers in a wide range of fields including business, government, law, teaching, media, and arts management.This program takes into consideration the specific needs of adult and nontraditional students and University College-New Brunswick endorses it as an adult-friendly & working-professional program.

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    • Comparative and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Five-year joint B.A./M.Ed. for Social Studies Education