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About Anthropology, Evolutionary

Anthropology studies the human experience through the exploration of human origins, cultural diversity, and social change. By specializing in evolutionary anthropology you’ll take a multi-disciplinary, science-oriented approach to such areas as archaeology, biological anthropology, primatology and even forensic science. This degree is also useful and desirable should you want to pursue careers in the medical sciences. Our department emphasizes practical experience and will email you about internship opportunities throughout the year. Because of the strength of our reputation and respect garnered by our faculty, we enjoy privileged access to some of the world’s premier fossil localities for the investigation of the fossilized remains and archaeological traces of our early human ancestors.

As a major in evolutionary anthropology you’ll choose from among courses like:

  • Primatology and Human Evolution
  • Hunters and Gatherers
  • Survey of Fossil Primates
  • Paleoanthropology
  • Extinction

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  • B.A. Cultural Anthropology
  • Minors
    • Anthropology
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    • Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Certificate in Evolutionary Medicine