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About Anthropology


The B.A. track in anthropology will train you in the discipline’s four traditional subfields: cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology and archaeology, providing you with a holistic understanding of humans as biological, cultural, and linguistic beings, both in the present and the past. If you seek a comprehensive understanding of human cultural and physical diversity within a broad social, historical, and evolutionary framework, then this track is for you.

Cultural Anthropology

The B.A. track in cultural anthropology focuses on the issues, modes of inquiry, fieldwork strategies, methods of data collection and analysis, and forms of ethnographic representation that characterize contemporary cultural anthropology. The cultural anthropology track is for you if you are interested in current cultural, social, and political issues, especially in understanding the relationship of global processes to new cultural forms and social inequalities.


  • Cultural
  • Biological
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Archaeology

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