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About Art History

Imagine traveling to Milan, Italy to research early Christian and Renaissance art and architecture. Or landing an internship at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City and learning how to develop and sustain exhibition content. These are experiences of art history majors at Rutgers!

Studying art history offers a fascinating look at the world through visual arts, and enables you to interpret the work of many cultures and eras through architecture, paintings, and sculpture. Courses taught by internationally recognized faculty cover both European and American historical periods, and wider global traditions including Islamic, Latin American, African and Asian art. You will gain excellent preparation for graduate study, after which you can consider becoming a curator for a major museum or director of an art gallery. Some graduates move on to law school to apply their skills in the growing field of litigation involving works of art. Many employers in businesses ranging from internet start-ups to advertising seek people who know how to look carefully and think visually, which is the core of what our program teaches.

Related Programs and Degrees

The Certificate in Cultural Heritage and Historic Preservation offers you a theoretical and practical introduction to the fields of cultural heritage and historic preservation through combination of special courses and supervised internships. The Curatorial Studies Certificate is designed to prepare students for a wide array of positions in the arts - including at museums, galleries, non-profits, academia, and the private sector - and enable them to stand out in the increasingly competitive job market.