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About Biotechnology

The biotechnology curriculum is designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge and laboratory skills in biotechnology, including molecular biology, and a firm foundation in biology and the physical sciences. The strong life and physical sciences foundation of the curriculum involves extensive laboratory, coursework, and research experience. A unique and important aspect of Rutgers’ biotechnology program is the interface with the biotechnology industry.

Biotechnology has emerged as a major contributor to the advancement of agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences. It has developed as a result of the convergence of biological, physical, and mathematical sciences. Rutgers University–New Brunswick has been at the forefront of this biotechnological revolution over the past several decades. Rutgers was one of the first universities to offer a major in biotechnology, and has received national recognition as a model biotechnology curriculum.


  • Animal biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Bioscience policy and management

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  • B.S./M.B.S. “4+1” program
  • Master in Business and Science (M.B.S.), Biotechnology and Genomics Concentration